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        Group Culture

        icon.jpg STAFF TRAVEL

        The company organizes excellent employees to travel every year, which can not only enrich their spare time life, but also stimulate their enthusiasm for work and innovation, enhance the collective cohesion and team spirit, so as to create a good atmosphere.


        The company pays attention to the human feelings of the staff management, often cares for the staff who are actively struggling in the front-line work posts, and condoles the staff in hospital, so that the majority of staff can truly realize that the enterprise is a warm family. It can enhance the sense of belonging of employees, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, and reflect the humanistic care of the enterprise.

        icon.jpg STAFF TRAINING

        All employees of the company will be trained irregularly, which is to improve the quality of employees, meet the development needs of the company and employees, and create an excellent staff team. The company strengthens the training of senior managers, optimizes the management concept of operators, enhances the decision-making ability and modern management ability, strengthens the training of middle managers, and improves the comprehensive quality and executive ability of managers. In addition, it also focuses on strengthening the training of professional and technical personnel, improving the level of technical theory and professional skills, enhancing the ability of innovation and transformation; strengthening the technical level training of operators, so as to continuously improve the professional level and operational skills of operators.

        icon.jpg EXCHANGE EXHIBITION

        The company has repeatedly sent key employees to Vietnam, South Africa, Thailand and other exchanges.


        The company has sent leading cadres and technical personnel to visit Japan for many times to learn advanced management methods and superb technology, and many well- known Japanese refractory enterprises come to our company for exchange and study. Our high-quality products and services, strong company qualification and reputation and good industry development prospects are important reasons to attract customers to visit.

        • Tel:0572-2113000 2105851

        • Add:No .1208 ,Caifeng Road ,Huzhou City Zhejiang Province ,China

        • Fax:0572-2105850 2108200

        • E-mail:info@chinahongying .com

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