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      2. About us

        Chairman's Speech

        Founded in 1978, Zhejiang Red Eagle Group Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise, which integrates metallurgy, high-tech materials, trade, catering, agriculture and other fields. Its subsidiaries include Zhejiang Mingde New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Huzhou Zhebao Calcium Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhanjiang Red Eagle Company. In addition, it also includes Dinglianfang, Zhoushengji, Zhengmaozhai, Baiyuyan Chinese time-honored store, Vietnam Nanying refractory joint venture, Red Eagle Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and other overseas holding companies.

        Since its establishment, it has been adhering to the business philosophy of "integrity, efficiency, innovation and win-win", and always adhere to the market-oriented. Market operation law is fully respected, market operation situation is closely watched, and opportunities and challenges brought by market changes are studied. In addition, we actively look for value development space in all stages of enterprise development, flexibly grasp the pulse of market demand change, so as to improve the operation strategy. our company has the characteristics of persistence but not conservatism, dare to do but not act reclessly, and has grasped and grasped the development opportunity relatively well. Capital is regarded as guarantee, talents as core, technology as support, and integrity as foundation. We build "Red Eagle", constantly improve its brand value, and realize multi win situation of shareholders, management team, customers, employees and other stakeholders, so as to realize more economic value for the society.

        At present, the company has nearly 300 employees, including all kinds of professional and technical talents, and undertakes more than 60 national and regional research and development projects. In addition, it participated in the formulation of two national standards, three industry standards, one manufacturing standard in Zhejiang Province, and 67 trademark registrations. The company has been awarded many honorary titles, including: national civilized unit, high-tech enterprise, the third prize of technical innovation in the national building materials industry, national Zhejiang business integrity demonstration enterprise, provincial patent demonstration enterprise, contract abiding and credit AAA level unit, integrity private enterprise. It also includes many provincial Honors: silver award of provincial industrial award, provincial famous business name, provincial famous trademark, provincial excellent enterprise of technological progress and provincial enterprise research institute, etc. We are still making progress, expanding and improving.

        We believe that dreams will achieve the future. We welcome people of insight and customers to join us, so as to win-win cooperation and lead the future!

        Deputy of the People's Congress of Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province
        Vice President of China Refractory Industry Association
        Vice President of Zhejiang Chamber of China International Chamber of Commerce
        Vice President of Zhejiang Building Materials Industry Association
        President of Huzhou Food Chamber of Commerce
        Vice President of Huzhou High Tech Enterprise Association
        Outstanding Professional Manager of Zhejiang Provinte
        Vice President of Huzhou Federation of Industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce)
        Vice President of Refractory Industry Association of Zhejiang Province
        Vice President of Huzhou Charity Association
        The 5th Top Ten Charity Star of Zhejiang Province
        Outstanding Contribution Award of The 7th China Time Honored Brand
        • Tel:0572-2113000 2105851

        • Add:No .1208 ,Caifeng Road ,Huzhou City Zhejiang Province ,China

        • Fax:0572-2105850 2108200

        • E-mail:info@chinahongying .com

        WeChat QR code

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